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Welcome to theFCES FYP Project  (Projector) and MSc Dissertation Portals (MProject)

This application currently only supports Computing, Engineering and Applied-Technology students:

Please do NOT use Firefox, CometBird or Safari less than v5.0.1 as these browser are failing to retain user data correctly. (on the current hosting server)

Trusteer Rapport (IBM online-banking security client)
Some students have not been able to access any of these applications internally or when on the VPN when this particular application is running on their PC.

If you use onlne-banking and are using this application for the end-to-end security; If your browser reports that it cannot find Projector or MProject then please try disabling Trusteer Rapport for the duration of your online session.

Computing FYP Students: Click Here to enter (see below for external access details)

Computing MSc post-graduates: Click Here to enter MProject (see below for external access details)

You access the system using your University username and password.
Be sure the username entered is in the format: student\<your-user -name> i.e.

If you are accessing the system for the first time, the system will ask to select following details:

  1. Your Faculty
  2. Your Project Area (currently only Computing)
  3. Your Award and Course Name
  4. The Teaching-Period or Semester you are starting the Project in.
Note: The system uses Windows Integrated Authentication and therefore logging off the system whilst keeping your browser open is only available in Internet Explorer.
For all other browsers
you will need to close the browser down completely to log out of a session.

In most cases the Award and Teaching-Period/Semester information will default automatically for you, from the data provided in your student records. However if the information is incorrect you will be able to select other project-area, and award options.

Stafford Computing FYP Staff Members: Click Here to enter (see below for external access details)

Computing MSc Staff Members: Click Here to enter  MProject (see below for external access details)

Access the system using your University username and password.
Be sure the username entered is in the format: staff\<your-user-name> i.e. "staff\abc1"

The application is available externally to students and staff via the University's VPN Service.
(Information Services's recommended method for external access into internal applications)
The application is supported on Microsoft's XP, 2000, Vista and Windows-7 32bit and 64bit platforms, Apple Mac OS X (10.4 or greater) and some Linux/Unix releases.

Please see Computer Specifications for VPN for latest information on Operating System and Browser compatibility..

The VPN software is available here: Software Download (note.This link only works for off-campus users and not those on the internal network)

Alternatively, students , please visit VPN for students

Staff , please visit VPN for Staff

Important VPN Information for Windows 8 users
The current Cisco VPN software may not work correctly  in Windows 8.
Should this occur after installation of the VPN client. one of the following registry changes may need to be made on your PC depending if your Windows 8 is a  32 or 64 bit installation.
Many thanks to Daniel Hawkins for finding this solution.

Alternatively download one of the following Windows registry files to your PC and then double-click on it to install the registry changes automatically:

Windows 8 VPN Fix for 32 bit installations

Windows 8 VPN Fix for 64 bit installations

Please email Patrick Howard with your username (and award information if your are a student)


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