Robot Hardware Resources





Brainstem robot

Brainstem quick start guide

Zip files for programming and communication

Onmi Direction Robot mBed code

Traxster and Serialiser Robot

Programming guide

Example programs Simple control, Roaming

Festo Robotino


My quickstart guide

Channel change software

Festo Robotino Support Page


Lego NXT

Bricx 'C' programming language for the NXT

Quick start guide to using NXC by Sam Wane

Firmware 1.05 (Needed for C programming)

Lego firmware page

Quick start guide to programming Lego Edu Blocks by Sam Wane

NXG Example Programs


DRK8080 'Dork'

User Manual

Quick start programming using C# by Sam Wane

My test app

Sample Controller .NET


PIG PC controlled Robot

PiG Control document

Basic Control

USB Driver

C# Control Program

Labview Control Program

Lynx motion robot arm
Robot Gripper
Robot Spider

This robot appeared on 'The Gadget Show'


RTX Robot Arm

C++ Interact Arm Drive Program by Sam Wane

RTX Original code - from supplied floppy disk

Manual for Interact Software by Sam Wane

Server Program by Sam Wane

Labview Control Program for Server


Motion Base

The Motion Base is a 6 DoF platform situated in G1a. It is controlled using a Win 98 PC running a server program, desired positions are send using the ethernet port connected to the adjacent PC.

Cuesim website

Motion Base server source code (VC 6.0)

Labview 'Signal Generator' control software source

Document detailing use of Motion Base

C# Record and Playback software, this was written by me and used at Middlesex University in a Gravity Shift project:

Labview Robots

These robots, using the CompactRIO embedded controller, are programmed using Labview Robot Studio.

Quick start guide


Pioneer 3AT
This is an all-terrain robot from Mobile Robots.
My Getting Started Guide takes you through finding, downloading and installing ARIA and C++ and compiling your first program.
Two source files are: basicmove.cpp and basicmovedist.cpp

An excellent guide is Bob's guide to Aria
(Source at

Amanda Whitbrook also produces an excellent guide -

Manuals from Mobile Robots
Robot operations manual







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